Do you have a independent pet shop or have a dog walking business?

If you have either a pet store or a doggy daycare, pet sitting or walking business, or even a groomers with a little shop area on the front, then you may be interested in working with us. We offer trade options with our all of our products, and I’m sure we can find something to suit you. Whether it’s stocking our products, or even getting some tags for when you’re walking clients pets. Whatever it is we’re always up for talking through the options we have available. If you wish to discuss our trade options please email us on with the subject line Trade. Below are a couple of examples of what we’re able to offer. Please bear in mind that all of our items are made by hand, and this can take some time, so we will not have a speedy turnaround time, especially if you are placing a large order. 


For shops there are a few things we can offer, we have listed the products we can offer to shops on a trade basis below.


With ID tags being something quite personal and needing quite a lot of information from the customer we would not be able to provide stock of these. What we offer for shops is a display package. This includes a stand, a selection of popular tags for display purposes only, a catalog of the designs we have available (update sheets sent out monthly if any new designs have been released), and order sheets for customers. You would then place the order with us and we would only charge you trade price, meaning you would keep the extra money. Alternatively we have the discount code option, where we would give you your own unique code that customers could use on our site to gain a small discount, and then we would pay you a percentage at the end of each month for the orders you have brought in. 

Artwork Prints

We offer trade pricing on all of our artwork prints, for details on these please contact us.

Portrait Commissions

Our portrait commissions are very personal, and due to this nature we would need to have direct contact with the customer. We can however offer something for shops, which works in the same way as the discount code option on the ID tags. We would send you a display package including print versions of some of our past portraits to display in the shop, along with a catalog of our various prices and styles we offer. We would provide you with a discount code for people to use when contacting us which would give them a discount, and would allow us to know they were referred by you. At the end of each month we would send you a percentage of the orders we received from you that month. 

Daycares, Walkers and Pet Sitters

If you wish to provide and extra level of security when looking after peoples pets you may want to consider getting some ID tags with your details on in case of accidental escapees. We can offer a discount on bulk orders or for someone who will be regularly ordering from us a couple of times a month. Please drop us a message to discuss what you would like and the options we have available. Please remember our tags are made to order and by hand so they can take a little while, especially when it’s a big order.

We would also be up for discussing and offering discount code deals, as mentioned above for shops, for you if you would be referring a large amount of business our way. Please contact us for more information.