What you need to know about our tags

All of our ID tags are made to order, so you are guaranteed something totally unique for your furry friend, as no two tags are ever exactly the same. The majority of our tags are made out of aluminium, which is a very soft metal. Over time you will find that this will wear slightly, and gain a few impressions and scratches from all of your adventures, but we feel this just makes them more unique, like a little memory of all the places you’ve been. All of our tags are created using a method called metal stamping, where we hammer each letter, number and item onto the metal. We then fill these impressions with enamel. The process can be very time consuming, although it does mean the impressions made on these tags will last a lot longer than the traditional engraving. We’ve put this page together with some information, advice and top tips to help you care for your tag, and to help you along when placing your order with us.

Details on the Back

All of our tags come with the option to add any details you’d like to the back. Adding these details doesn’t affect the design on the front of your tag, save for maybe a couple of dimples that aren’t really noticeable. The UK law states that dog ID tags should have The owners name and address on the back, our usual recommendation for this is your surname, house number and street and postcode. A lot of people also like to have their phone number on the back as well, and it is recommended, even though it’s not a requirement. We know not everyone likes to have all of these details on their decorative tags, so we leave it completely up to you what you’d like us to put on there, however we do recommend having an extra tag with these details on alongside your more decorative one. Below is an example of what we can fit on the back.

An example of what we can fit onto the back of a tag.


When ordering your tag you’ll be asked what kind of hardware you’d like. Hardware is what attaches the to tag to the collar, and we have two options: Lobster Clip and Split Ring, as well as four colour options: Silver, Brass, Copper (Rose Gold) or Black. All of our tags will give you the choice of either a split ring or a lobster clip, but only certain tags will allow you to choose the colour of the hardware, as we have put specific colours with certain designs because they match well. Both options are quite strong and lobster clips do give you the ease of changing the tag between collars, although they don’t always fit around the thicker D rings on some collars. If you’re unsure which to choose we have an option to order either split rings or lobster clips as an extra, so if you try one and it’s not quite right you have the other there ready for you. Below you’ll find examples of each of the options. 

Font Options

Certain tags we have will have the option to choose which font you’d like from our options. This will also be a choice if you’re placing a custom order. We currently have three fonts in a 3mm size, which is our standard size for fonts, and two slightly larger (Varsity which is 6mm and Lollipop which is 4mm). We do also have a standard 1.5mm font for those longer quotes and details to put on the back, but this isn’t a standard font we offer, but may be offered if you’re emailing for a custom order. Below there are some examples of each of the fonts we have, so you can see them how they’ll appear on the tags. 

Turnaround Time & Delivery

Our turnaround time on tags is 1-3 weeks, during busier periods this will lean towards the longer end. All of our tags are made to order, so the process can be quite time consuming and we want to make sure that you receive a great quality product. Parcels are sent Royal Mail first class and should arrive on the next working day, although sometimes delays can happen, so please allow up to ten working days for it to arrive. International parcels should arrive within 5 working days, but can take up to 25 working days if there are delays.


During this time we are facing a number of delays due to our supplies not turning up on time and a high number of orders, meaning our turnaround time is currently at 3 weeks, although we are working hard to get this lower. The postal service are also struggling currently, so your parcel may face delays. We appreciate your patience at this difficult time.

Custom Orders

If you can’t quite find what you’d like on our shop we can also offer completely custom designs. We have options on our store for creating your designs, which are located here under custom orders, or alternatively you can always email us with your custom design request and we can see what we can do.

Cleaning and Care

As our tags are made of aluminium, which is a soft metal, it can gain scratches and little dents over time, but this just makes it more unique. There are ways in which you can take care of your tags to make them last as long as possible, or give them a new lease of life if they’re looking a little lacklustre. 

To keep your tag looking its best make sure it’s wiped down with a soft cloth after every walk. This gets rid of any pesky dirt or water residue. If you find your tag getting a little tarnished or dirty you can use some metal cleaner like Autosol to brighten it up again. When surface scratches start to appear you can use some fine steel wool to buff them away, just remember to use it gently across the whole tag to keep an even finish. Autosol and ketchup can also help this. Finally, if the designs start to fade a little, you can touch them up with a sharpie. Just make sure to wipe over it immediately with a soft damp cloth to remove any excess.