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Here at the Happy Paws Company animals are a big passion of ours. Dogs especially have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, I don’t think a day of my life has passed without a pet by my side. As an avid animal lover I’d always wanted to be able to create products for pets that everyone would love, whilst also being a little different. In 2018 we started this dream with The Pawfection Pack, putting together boxes of goodies for pups, while working with some great small businesses to bring products you wouldn’t find on the high street to your homes. Later that year I finally took the plunge and decided to offer pet portraits and sell my artwork, something I had always been a little nervous to do. When 2020 rolled around I found I wanted something which brought my love of art and pet products together to create something truly unique. Which is when our Happy Paws company tags were born. Being a household of geeks we’d always loved any merchandise items from our favourite franchises, and would get very excited when we’d find ones for our pets. Although we struggled to find things like this that also looked stylish. This was another big factor when designing our tags, and something we will keep doing.

Getting to know us

At Happy Paws HQ busy making all the lovely things we send to you there’s myself, my partner, our two dogs and our two cats. We’re a small family business where we all work together. Other than animals another great love of my life is the arts. I’ve spent my whole life in the entertainment industry and growing up around musicians and performers. When I’m not busy making tags or drawing I’m working as an actor or teaching at my families theatre school. My partner, when he’s not found helping me with technical issues or making products, can be found writing, taking photos or playing music. 

The furry four

Our two pups, Stark and Parker, are named after Tony Stark and Peter Parker. They’re both girls, but are regularly mistaken for boys. The pair are both beagle crosses, and although they have the same parents they couldn’t be more different. Stark is a nap queen, who loves nothing more than curling up for a cuddle or having a treat. Parker on the other hand spends most of her day running around the house practicing her parkour skills, which aren’t great, or destroying a toy or two. Our other two fluff balls are our cats Natasha and Tony, named after Natasha Rominoff and Tony Stark. We rescued these little ones when they were six weeks old and their mother had been killed. We found them and their brother and two sisters on the side of the road. We nursed them back to health until they were old enough to find homes, although we couldn’t say goodbye to all of them, so kept these two. Tony is a regular fat cat who spends his time sleeping or asking for food, and Natasha is very true to her name, spending her days assassinating any insects she finds around the house or jumping on our shoulders. 

What Makes Us Different

As a small business we give a very friendly and personal service to our customers, always wanting to make sure they receive unique products that are special to them. We give a great attention to detail when creating any of our pieces that you won’t find in your high street shops. 

Meet the team

Annie Larkin
The maker

Jock Ramsay
The support

Stark & Parker
Product Testers

Tony & Natasha
Product Testers

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